Since this is the first newsletter of the new year, I would like to personally wish, as Chief Executive Officer of PKNW, each and every one of our friends, clients and associates a successful year.

The new year now brings new challenges as California is constantly evolving in the litigation area. The new year brings new laws and regulations for our employers. It also brings new laws and regulations, payment rates, etc. to our insurance clients.

Additionally, all eyes are now on Sacramento as we welcome in Governor Brown. The key question is whether the new Governor is going to be active in any changes in workers’ compensation or whether his hands are going to be tied by the budget process.

I think the consensus is that the budget difficulties in Sacramento are going to be the primary concern and that any workers’ compensation changes will probably be put on the back burner until later in the year.

In this difficult economic environment, our firm remains committed to serving clients throughout the State of California from our offices in Fresno, Bakersfield and Riverside. We continue to offer educational services and litigation expertise to both employers and insurance companies in the various fields related to California’s employment litigation areas.

Our firm is looking forward to the challenges coming to us in 2011. We will continue in our efforts to help develop a thriving business environment that is key to building healthy communities.