As CEO of PKNW, I see that the year 2017 is already one of change. Not only do we have a new President but we also have been blessed with plenty of rain and water which has been long needed in the State of California.

Also, in looking at 2017, I see Parker Kern Nard & Wenzel is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of this firm. What started as a small one office firm with one attorney, one paralegal and one secretary has now grown into a firm with over 20 attorneys and two offices in a statewide presence. As PKNW celebrates this 25th year in business, we want to continue to dedicate ourselves to the mission of helping and supporting the business community in the State of California.

So far this year my partners, David Parker and Megan Lucchesi, have been featured speakers at the statewide PARMA convention. Associate Attorney, Monica Thiessen, is acting as co-President of the Fresno Industrial Claims Association and associate, Shon Wilson, was the past President of that same organization.

In 2017, the business community in this State is dealing with an unbelievable set of complex regulations in every aspect of their business. I felt that this quote from Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, in a speech he delivered on December 2, 2016 was particularly apropos to the situation faced by many employers in California.

He stated “Every institution in society is in principal subject to comprehensive regulation. Every employer, every school, many clubs and family life itself at now the subject of rules too complex for a lay person to grasp. These rules are not always enforced nor can they be but American sense that they better be looking over their shoulders careful of what they say.” This complexity in regulations requires compliance and “Compliance, by contrast, means adapting constantly to changing and complex instructions from central authorities and it means employment of specialists to interpret the regulations and make sure others conform.”

The law offices of PKNW are here to help the employer’s of the State of California hopefully for the year 2017 and well beyond. I would also like to personally thank those who have helped support our business over the last 25 years and they are too numerous to mention in this article. I look forward to the firm’s continuing success and growth in the area as I believe we have an excellent staff of attorneys and support personnel.