When submitting the a document for settlement through EAMS they will generally be processed faster if all information is readily available for the WCALJ to process. The following are some quick tips to help ensure your settlement documents will be processed timely:

  1. Make sure to use the most recent forms when completing settlement documents. The most recent version of OCR forms or the OCR Forms handbook is located on the DWC website.
  2. Make sure to include the document cover sheet identifying the correct alpha prefix (ADJ Unit) for settlement documents.
  3. Submit the appropriate medical-legal report, DEU rating and other documentation necessary to support the underlying resolution. Make sure to utilize separator sheets placed in front of the supporting documents submitted.
  4. Provide all evidence used to support all underlying issues. For example, if you are settling an unrepresented claim based on a treating physicians report, you must provide evidence that the Applicant was provided and declined his right to attend a panel QME appointment.
  5. If you are requesting the 15% decrease pursuant to LC §4658(d) based on applicant’s return to work, you must submit the Notice of Offer of Regular Work (DWC-AD 118) or the Notice of offer of Modified or Alternative work (DWC-AD 10133.53) in support of the requested decease before the settlement documents will be approved.